Less than a week till great Australian train trip – and trackwork rules the roost

June 27, 2014

Here’s the plan – next Thursday 3 July, 5.35pm  we take practically the least exotic train trip in the world – Wollongong to Sydney. Actually in the day time it is an excellent 1.5- 2 hour trip.  Wollongong is wedged between escarpment and sea and half an hour north of Wollongong the railway line is wedged on a a narrow slice of land.  Travellers on the right hand side of the train (going north from Wollongong) have a marvellous view of the sea, the cliffs and the bush. 

But at 5.35 in a new South wales winter the only sights will be dirty floors and dirty windows.  By 7pm we will be Cntral Station Sydney – and like all great trains staions it is full of life and movement and the ghosts of travellers past.  We will make our way to some other parts of Sydney Central to get on the XPT (Express Train in would-be American speak) where we have a twinette (such a coy phrase).  (As far as I can see a cabin with seating for two in the daytime, and in the night twinette means two narrow bunks – with a shared bathroom.)

Already glitsches are forming – it appears Victoria is awash with track work since our train will take us to Broadmeadows, the Melbourne suburb of the dying Ford assembly plant, half an hour by bus from the city – not precisely a glorious arrival!.   

And then after a few days in Melbourne,  our next  trip –  from Melbourne to Adelaide – will begin not in the centre of the city at the great revamped Spencer St Station (even the name has been revamped to Southern Cross Station) – but from Geelong North Station (an hour or so bus ride in a nearby small city). 

Like all those Pollyanna travel writers (and management faddists) say – let the glitsches be opportunities for new experiences.  When i said that to Kerm he merely said “Hummpph”


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February 22, 2010

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